Fashion – a Man’s or a Woman’s World?

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When it comes to fashion, who rules the world? Men or women? Is fashion a man’s or a woman’s world? I often ask myself this question when thinking of designs for Redbel Amsterdam. And sometimes I think what the fuck! Let’s just do unisex shit as everyone looks the same. Or do they?

A Woman’s World

Ever since I saw David Beckham wearing a sarong I thought: “Please, God, don’t let this take off!” Honestly, men do not look right in any type of dress. Women wear dresses and that’s that. The reason why is simple, they have amazing bodies and they look fucking fantastic in a dress or a skirt. Ever since I was a teenager I was a leg kind of guy. Above all, I loved the shape of women’s legs and that has never changed. Besides, women are beautiful and this attribute should be shown off.

A Man’s World

Men look great in suits, that is a fact. But, we cannot wear suits everyday unless we work in an office. Being a guy who used to wear a suit for work, it was the last thing I wanted to wear when I wasn’t working. Fuck, what shall I wear then? Well, men look great in a good fitting pair of jeans and a tight fitting tee. So, if your gut hangs over your jeans, then go work out! If you guys want to look hot, you need to have  a few extra attributes. Therefore, you need to have a good physique and to be well groomed. By that, I don’t mean looking like  a shaved bird, just to look after yourself. These days, men are on show just as much as women and it is important to be sexually appealing as Braun is not enough anymore.

It’s a Redbel World

Redbel recognises the need to look good for both sexes. Therefore, our garments and accessories can be mixed and matched to bring out the best in all of you. So, make sure you make the right choice for spring/summer and get your sex appeal on!

David Anthony Kitching  [ CEO, Redbel Amsterdam ]