Fashion Trends

Today I will talk a little bit about fashion trends. Also, about Redbel Amsterdam fashion, what we at Redbel look at when designing new garments.

Me As A Teenager

As a teenager and in my early twenties I must say I was never a massive follower of labels and fashion trends. However, it was nice to have the odd garment displaying such lucrative names like D&G or Armani. Anyway, I was not a rich kid  by any stretch of the imagination so these garments were few and far between let me add. I worked three jobs when growing up so I would spend my money wisely. I remember watching a movie called The Krays. With their first piece of cash the Kray twins bought a suit each as they said looking good was the first step to success on any level.

My Thoughts On Fashion

I myself have always tried to look smart and I have always owned a suit. As the matter of fact, I think every man should have a suit and a timepiece. I must also say that I believe I have always liked things that not many people have. I have never wanted to look like I had just walked off a factory conveyor belt. Besides, where is the fun in that? Fashion should be fun and imaginative and our style should express our individuality.

Fashion Trends

Today’s fashion for me is a little hard to comprehend as I am not a massive fan of ripped clothes. No matter what fancy word companies throw in front of the garment it is still ripped. On most occasions if this was the case, you would through your clothes away , oh how times have changed . I must also stress that there are occasions too when I can not distinguish who is dressed as a man and who as a woman. If its not the hair then it is usually the clothes that make it difficult.

Redbel Amsterdam Fashion

Redbel Amsterdam fashion keeps up with fashion trends and provides the highest quality of our materials. We believe the combination of the two is paramount. Fashion changes all the time so we are always working on designs that can fall into a few categories. We don’t want our customers to feel like they are wearing something that is outdated after only a few months . A football shirt would be a classic example of that these days and yet we still pay eighty to ninety euros for them .

We hope you all continue to enjoy our designs as we will continue to work hard to keep you up to date and looking great. Well thank you for your time reading this as we greatly appreciate your time and custom . So for now peace out and take care.

David Anthony Kitching  [ CEO, Redbel Amsterdam ]