How to wear leopard print in 2019

As you might have noticed, leopard print is big this year. Everybody is wearing it, especially celebs, and we love it!!! And, if you are wondering how to wear leopard print in 2019, bear with us, because we are going to give you some ideas. Besides, we have recently added some new products to our store, so we’ll be introducing those as well.

1.How to wear Leopard Print Dress in 2019

Many women avoid wearing leopard print dresses, because they don’t want to look, for lack of a better word, trashy. But, it really doesn’t have to be that way. Our suggestion is to accessorise with flats, or even sneakers, and to add a simple jacket. This way, you’ll break up all that print and still keep that ‘wow’ effect. Also, the flats or sneakers will give it a casual style. Accessories should be kept simple, should you choose to wear any.


2.How to wear Leopard Print Crop Top in 2019

Crop Tops are many women’s first choice on a hot summer day. And, if you want something special, then leopard print crop top is just perfect. Pair it with jeans and your favourite flats and you’re good to go. Simple, casual and effective. And yet, super hot. Also, if you want to make things even hotter, you can pair it with skinny jeans and a pair of high heels. When it comes to accessories, with this one, you can go wild. Although, our suggestion is a trendy choker necklace and matching stacked bracelets.

3.How to wear Leopard Print Skater Skirt in 2019

Skater skirts are quite popular these days. Relaxed and flowy, they’re perfect for any casual occasion. Besides, when we talk about Redbel Skater Skirts, the material is super soft and comfy. Pair it with a short bleached denim jacket and a pair of sneakers and you’ve got a winner. Also, our suggestion for the top is something neutral. In other words, we don’t want to draw attention away from the skirt.

4.How to wear Leopard Print Leggings in 2019

With leggings, it’s easy. Honestly, you can pair them with anything of your choosing, as long as it’s neutral. So, feel free to experiment! Also, the leggings can work both for office or a night out. Simply add some accessories and you can take your look from work to the bar without having to change. How cool is that!

5.How to wear Leopard Print Bikini in 2019

Leopard Print Swimwear is a must-have this summer. Be it a bikini or a swimsuit, with a nice leopard print, you’ll definitely turn heads at the beach. Also, Redbel Leopard Print Bikini has a reversible design, so you get two different bikinis for the price of one. Therefore, get yours now and prepare for the summer you won’t forget.


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