It has been a while since my last blog so I thought it was time to write. Today I wanted to talk about the best quality for your money and money in general. That is something we all think about when purchasing anything these days as costs keep rising faster than our incomes.

Best Quality For Your Money

Here at Redbel Amsterdam we are no different. As I have mentioned before we are a small company that is just starting out and we all have other jobs( like teachers and cabin crew to factory workers ) that we do to put bread on the table. I did not start this company to become super rich. Actually, I wanted to be creative and provide a clothing line that was not like any other. I have had people say to me now and again that some of our products are a little expensive. But then I reply with the fact that the cost of the product is approximately 80% of the retail price. This is because we use very expensive materials so YOU get the BEST quality for your money, rather than some cheap material that will not last.

Free Shipping Policy

Redbel Amsterdam provides a free shipping policy on TWO items or more ordered. Therefore, believe it or not, when you buy two or more products we pay for the shipping . We NEVER hide anything from you when it comes to paying for things or important information. In addition to that, there are different size guides, payment protection systems and information protection systems in place for your peace of mind. We also ship to 90% of the countries worldwide.

We Believe In Our Brand

There have been times when it has been very challenging and expensive for me personally. And believe you me I am far from rich , but I have plugged away and kept going because I believe in the company and believe we have unique products . We have very hardworking people that put a lot of time and effort in too. Thus, I really hope we become successful as key brand around the world. We want everyone to have a chance to wear our products, feel the Quality and own the brand. Besides, we want you to have the best quality for your money. If there are any questions always feel free to contact us and we will answer them as fast as we can .

Well that’s it for now. I wish you all a fantastic week and look forward to speaking soon. Stay cool and peace out and remember ‘This Is Our Time’ .

David Anthony Kitching  [CEO, Redbel Amsterdam ]