Our Garments

Hi Everyone. So today I am going to talk a little bit about the materials we use and why we chose the best branded materials for our garments .

Finding The Right Garments

When I was first setting up Redbel Amsterdam there were many things to think about. Things that anyone who has ever set up their own company will no doubt be aware of. One of those areas to think about was which garments I will use. So, the first thing I did was to think about what I like in a garment and what I want from it. Moreover, I thought about some of the disappointments I have endured after purchasing garments. Specifically, endurance , wear and tear , look and feel and longevity.

The Best Branded Materials

It would have been easy to just have ordered some cheap material , sell it for a large profit and not worry once the consumer had paid for it…However, that is not what we are about here at Redbel Amsterdam. In the first place, I wanted you to feel great in your purchase, to have the comfort of knowing that your garment will not fade after a couple of washes. Or, maybe even shrink to the size that only a five year old can wear after a few times drying. Believe me, these things have happened to all of us and I am sure like me you were not impressed ! In order for you to have the best we researched the best and decided that such branded materials like American Apparel, Gildan and LA Apparel could live up to the standards that I wanted. After much testing this proved to be the case. Like I have previously mentioned, Redbel Amsterdam’s first priority is you and it will always be you. That is why we chose to use the best branded materials for our products. So we hope you like the garments you purchase and continue to accompany us on our journey together.

Thanks for reading as your time and custom is always valued . Peace out and see you on the next blog and look out for our Vlogs that will be coming soon and also check out our Redbel TV on YouTube.

David Anthony Kitching  [ CEO, Redbel Amsterdam ]