Redbel Amsterdam’s new Commercial Director

Redbel Amsterdam' New Commercial Director





Today I am going to tell you a little bit about Redbel Amsterdam‘s new Commercial Director and Partner Ray Reljin.

About Redbel Amsterdam’s New Commercial Director

I have personally known Ray for many years and believe him to be one of the most well respected people I know. He has served on various cruise ships in high ranking positions and has travelled pretty much the whole world. So, it was with great pleasure to learn that he was very much interested in becoming part of the Redbel Amsterdam family. Particularly for his rich experience from all kinds of levels , ranging from cultural diversities to financial responsibilities.

What this means for the company

With Ray as Redbel Amsterdam’s new Commercial Director, we have acquired someone who is intellectually astute. Besides the fact that he supports Liverpool F. C. and that is something which we have a lot of banter about. With me being a Manchester Utd supporter through and through you can only imagine. Joking aside, Ray creates  fantastic bonds with people from all corners of the globe. He has a wealth of experience with our potential customers be it skateboard fanatics or football fans. Or maybe concert and festival goers and also mixing with the business world and conservative people.

With Ray Reljin on board Redbel Amsterdam will be able to invest more time getting our garments on the backs of the people . That’s you ….. Ray and I and everyone at Redbel Amsterdam  share the same vision. In short, we want you looking fantastic with a garment that compliments you  and is made from the best material at an affordable price.  Thus, you won’t have to worry if your garment will survive your everyday activities and the washing machine you use.

Stay Tuned

Once again I would like to let you know how pleased I am to have such an asset on board at Redbel Amsterdam. I will look forward to writing my next blog to keep you all up to date with Redbel Amsterdam’s activities and movements. So, for now peace out and speak soon . Thanks for reading , we appreciate your time.

David Anthony Kitching  [ CEO, Redbel Amsterdam ]