Redbel Originals

Hello Everyone, well it has been a while since the last blog as we have been very busy with new designs and garments. We also had to prepare for the Redbel Road Trip.

Redbel Originals Garments

I am guessing you may have seen that the Redbel Originals garments are somewhat cheaper than the Redbel Amsterdam garments… Obviously, there is a simple explanation for this. As you know, we are constantly trying to make sure that our customers always get the best we can offer and here is the example. After a lot of scouting around and negotiations, we have managed to find the perfect material at a great price. Therefore, rather than trying to make more money we wanted to offset that saving onto you. After all, we consider you as our valued customers and our friends .

Raglan Tees

Now our Redbel Originals Tees are Raglan Tees, which is a fantastic brand of material. It has a great feel and the longevity to survive multiple washing mixed with fantastic handmade and exclusive designs. We have tested the tees and they really do look great. Redbel Originals is a fantastic way for our designer  to express himself through his art and share his designs with you. That’s something I am very happy with and I hope that we can carry making these kind of designs with modern sketches mixed with an old school feel . I hope you guys feel the same too , obviously we are very open and if you have any thoughts, please let us know.

So for now I will love you and leave you. I hope you follow our adventures through the road trip and continue to support us. Remember, without you there is no us so for now peace out and big love to you all .

David Anthony Kitching  [ CEO, Redbel Amsterdam ]