Redbel Rasta Collection

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We have a brand new collection for Spring/Summer 2019 and we are really excited about it. You had a chance to see three new products yesterday and we hope you like them. Over the next couple of weeks, we will introduce the whole collection, so keep an eye on your mailbox. As always, our subscribers will be the first to get the news. So, if you still haven’t, SUBSCRIBE NOW, so you don’t miss out on our awesome new products.

Redbel Rasta Collection

Our new Redbel Rasta Collection is definitely going to attract your attention. With its vivid colours and cool designs, it is going to be your favourite collection for Spring/Summer 2019. Therefore, check out our Redbel Rasta Collection and keep an eye for the new products that are coming soon. Beside t-shirts and crop tops, there will be some really cool dresses, skirts and swimwear.


Redbel Rasta HSM Crop Top

This awesome crop top is perfect to pair with skirts, jeans and much more. The material is 100% cotton, so it has a soft hand feel and light texture. Besides, the bottom hem has an unfinished, raw edge, which gives it a cool and urban look. 

Redbel Rasta HSM T-shirt

You’ve now found the staple t-shirt of your wardrobe with this beautiful Rasta design. Furthermore, the fabric is soft and comfy with double stitching on the neckline and sleeves to add more durability. Also, it is unisex, so make sure to get one for your partner. Otherwise be prepared for sharing ;-).

Redbel Rasta Cap Sleeve T-shirt

The flattering cap sleeves, contemporary fit, and scoop neck make this t-shirt a standout. So, prepare to stand out wherever you go wearing this awesome t-shirt. Equally important, it is super soft and durable, so it’s definitely going to be your favourite.



Rastafari is a young, Africa-centred religion, which developed in Jamaica  in the 1930s, following the coronation of Haile Selassie I as king of Ethiopia in 1930. Followers of Rastafari go with a variety of names: Rastafarians, Rastas, Sufferers, Locksmen, Dreads or Dreadlocks. Following the success of Bob Marley and his music in the 1970s, it spread globally. 

Rastafari religious ceremonies consist of chanting, drumming and meditating. So that they would reach a state of heightened spirituality. As a result, their religious practice includes the ritual inhalation of marijuana, to increase their spiritual awareness. Also, Rastafarians follow strict dietary laws and abstain from alcohol. 

The Rastafarian colours are: red, green and gold and sometimes black is added. Red signifies the blood of those killed for the the cause of the black community throughout Jamaican history. Green represents Jamaica’s vegetation and hope for the eradication of suppression. And last, but not the least, gold signifies the colour of the Africans who initiated Rastafari. In addition to this, the lion is the symbol of Rastafari. It represents Haile Selassie I, “The Conquering Lion of Judah”. Thus, Rastafarians’ dreadlocks represent the lion’s mane. If you are interested to read more about Rastafari, you can do it HERE.

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Thanks for reading and make sure you check out the Redbel Rasta Collection. And don’t forget to subscribe to hear more from us.

David Anthony Kitching [ CEO, Redbel Amsterdam ]