Redbel Rasta, Redbel Rock, And Redbel BaYaT

Hi Everyone,

As you may have seen from our previous blogs, Redbel 2019 is having a little facelift. As always, we’ve all been working hard to create 3 great themes for Redbel 2019. Those three themes will be: Redbel Rasta, Redbel Rock, and Redbel BaYaT.

Redbel Rasta

Redbel Rasta is the brainchild of our web manager Maria for Redbel 2019. As you will see, this is a collection of not just awesome designs, but beautiful colours. It will definitely look great during the spring/summer months, be it on holiday somewhere, or at a music festival, or just out and about enjoying the sunshine. So, whatever the occasion, these brilliant bright coloured designs will have you standing out in the crowd in no time, with heads turning everywhere. We have everything from crop tops to tees and skater dresses to bikinis. So, be sure to grab yours and look dazzling in 2019.

Redbel Rock

Redbel Rock is the extension of a couple of our previous themes, mixing tattoo designs with rock music. Being a rebel is all about being an individual, loving who you are and what you wear. So, Redbel 2019 recognises that and has come up with some unique custom designs to accommodate you. 2019 is the year of rock and festivals, not just music, but all kinds. From bikers to arts and crafts, I personally love festivals! I love the idea of people from all over the world gathering and having a great time for a few days. Naturally, I always like to look the part. Redbel Rock is a clear favourite amongst some of my friends too. Therefore, I think Redbel Rock will be a favourite with you guys and girls too.

Redbel BaYaT

Redbel Amsterdam is the official merchandiser for BaYaT and if you haven’t heard of them, make sure you do. Go to YouTube and subscribe to BaYaTVevo and BaYaT Official and check out their fantastic WEBSITE too. This is one of the best new alternative bands, currently unsigned, but we do predict a big future for them. We already have the official tees, snapbacks and also the merch for BaYaT’s latest single “Adrenaline”. Moreover, in the coming weeks we will be publishing the merch for BaYaT’s fantastic new single and title track for their debut album “So It Begins”. Even if you’re not a fan of rock music, these edgy designs are certainly worth a purchase.

That’s it for today, I bid you all a fine week and stay cool. Also, remember to SUBSCRIBE to our website to get the initial 20% off your first order. And , of course, to keep up with all the latest info and VIP loyalty discounts only available to our subscribers.


David Anthony Kitching [ CEO, Redbel Amsterdam ]