Travelling and my love for Serbia

Hi Everyone, it has been a while since my last blog so I thought today I would talk about something close to my heart. That’s travelling and my love for Serbia, a beautiful country in the Balkans.

Younger Days

In my younger days I never travelled that much as I simply did not have the money to do so. In fact, to this day I have only ever been on one beach holiday and that was in 1991 when I went to Italy.  Among visiting various cities,  I spent one week on the Venetian Riviera. Although it was lovely, I was somewhat bored as I was much more interested in culture, history and religion.

My Love For Serbia

As time went by I travelled more and more but mostly to the cities within the United Kingdom and mainland Europe. Together with this came a growing desire to change from my current religion of Church of England to a more established Orthodox religion. So because of this I started to look at Greece , Russia and Serbia. To be quite honest, after entering Serbia , within thirty minutes I knew one day this would be my home. It is one of the most beautiful countries and certainly one of the most unique countries I have seen with its own sense of identity and rules. To this day I still get very excited when I reach the Serbian border knowing that I am going home to relax and be with my friends and loved ones. My love for Serbia is something that is always present.

Unique Scenery

Even though I spent most of my life living in the United Kingdom and then the Netherlands, I do base a lot of my work in Serbia.  As a result, almost 60% of the photo shoots are done here with some beautiful scenery and specific architecture. This choice of venue allows Redbel Amsterdam to make some very artistic shots that other companies rarely use. As I have said before, Redbel Amsterdam is an individual company and prides itself on its originality without following the masses. However, certain things in business you have to follow but not all .

Well that’s it for now and if you are ever thinking of travelling be sure to drop by. You can send us an e-mail because we always like to see our customers. Remember, nothing is more important than you . Without you, there is no us !!! Be sure to tune in soon when I talk about some very exciting news concerning Redbel Originals. Until then peace out and big love .

David Anthony Kitching  [ CEO, Redbel Amsterdam ]