We want to hear from you

At Redbel Amsterdam we always talk about you, the people, the community, the guest, you the customer. I guess like every other company, we hold you at the centre of our business, our business will not survive without you.

As we constantly make changes to our look, designs, garments etc… we do this with you in mind.

Well, we would like to get your thoughts, we want to know what you think. Do you like the website? Do you like the designs, the garments? Is there something you don’t like? Would you like us to do something differently?

So, we are putting it to you to have your say. Therefore, for one week only, you can send us an email regarding anything. And if we implement your idea, you will receive a massive 40% discount on any item of clothing you like.

We want you to be a part of our progress and community. We want you to feel comfortable to send us any questions or ideas whenever you like. Be that a design you would like to see, a question you have or even if you would like to be an influencer and feel there is a garment you would like to wear.

We promise to look at emails and remember to subscribe to get a discount, too.

David Anthony Kitching  [ CEO, Redbel Amsterdam ]